Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Friends, New Friendships

New campers pulling up one of our collapsible crab traps.

This week, we had a few newcomers to the McDonough Sailing Center in South Boston. These kids were no less enthusiastic than our first group of campers, and their spirits were definitely contagious. We spent the afternoon doing some of our more "traditional" activities for the new arrivals - fishing off the dock, talking about the water, and catching crabs in collapsible and pyramid traps.

The other kids, who have been going to McDonough for a few weeks now were most certainly helpful in showing the ropes to the newer kids. We all went over some very important harbor education, such as: how to bait a fishing hook and how to cast the reel, how to tell what kinds of crabs are green crabs, and what spider crabs are (and why they're so dirty!)

More lobsters... Are you even surprised anymore?
How many can you count?

Keeping on track with our lobster luck in Pleasure Bay, we pulled up a FULL lobster pot yet again. Check out that picture above... Any idea how many lobsters are in that mess of a group?! Eleven! We all worked together to measure the carapaces of the lobsters and two or three were very small, young females. The rest were at least over two pounds - holy smokes! Looks like Andrew "The Lobsterman" Bauld has got some competition from Mary "The Lobsterlady" Angilly :) Good thing I've been keeping a tally this summer... At this point, I don't know if it's even possible for anyone to catch up on this lobster count. Who knows, maybe I just jinxed myself...

Chris practices banding one of our lobsters.

The highlight of my day? Getting a friendship bracelet from Will and Colin that I'm wearing on my right hand as I type this blog post. I've now been made an honorary Southie resident and I can't wait for what's in store for the rest of the summer.

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