Thursday, July 19, 2012

Profile: Piers Park
Piers Park  Sailing Center is located in East Boston. It is open all summer from 9:00 until sunset and hosts sailing programs for a variety of skill levels and ages free of charge. For kids who are waiting for their sailing class, or simply have a sibling or friend out on the boat, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay offers a morning camp program. Kids can get out on the dock as early as 8:45 and begin their marine life explorations. Crab traps are set and bait is placed on the fishing rods first thing. When we arrived the touch tank was already filled with crabs from the mornings traps and a group of four kids were walking back to check the trap again.

 The crab traps at this sight catch especially large crabs which are mainly green crabs and red stone crabs (with the occasional spider crab). With a view of the beautiful Piers Park on one side and a view of Boston harbor on the other, the little dock where the activities take place is a perfect place for kids to be out in the sun enjoying the water's offerings. After 2 1/2 hours of touch tanks and fishing the kids then go to a recreational water fountain in the park to cool off and play.

By the time that the campers get their free lunch, the morning sail boats are coming in off the harbor and the campers can go on to their next activity. Whether they go out sailing or simply go home with a parent, once it is 12:00, Piers Park campers have had their morning fix of marine life and summer fun.
-Alyssa and Bridget

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