Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lobster Snack Time

This past Thursday at Camp Harborview we shared a cooked Lobster with a great group of kids. The staff members and I were worried if the lobster would stay fresh throughout the day. But, when it was time to eat all I could see was closed mouths and happy faces. Many of the kids told us that they liked lobster before we gave it to them so it was definitely a great treat. I was very excited to be able to share a bite of the harbor with the kids.

Some of the kids were a little cautious before eating the lobster while other were very ready to enjoy the great taste. The ones that were cautious about trying it were very happy that they did afterwards. Kids were eating all different parts of the lobster even some that I've never tried such as the tail fins and the legs. The two best parts in my opinion is the tail and knuckle meat and some kids agreed with me. The kids learned all the different parts of the lobster as we picked it apart and ate it.

I feel as though it was a day that the kids won't forget and a memory with Save the Harbor that will last for a long time. I love combining learning and eating it seems like the kids at Camp Harborview do too. All the kids that really love lobster got even more excited when they were told about the competition at the camp to win a lobster dinner for four people. The hunt for James' marbles is on and I can't wait to share more great foods from the harbor with kids.

- Will Clark

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