Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alex Catches a Bass!

This past week at Community Boating, Alex was our enthusiastic participant who did quite a lot. Not only did we catch many sunfish, but this week we caught eels and a bass!

Alex caught the bass while the group was out sailing on one of the bigger sailboats at Community Boating. He had the line out about 10 feet and let it drag behind us as we sailed around the Charles River. Alex had a small blue and silver lure that had a treble hook on it. It was really exciting to catch the bass because we hadn't seen anything other than sunfish the last couple weeks.

The eels were caught in a trap that were set off the dock at Community Boating. The trap has only one opening for eels to swim into which is wide at the beginning of the trap and narrows towards the back so that the eels cannot escape. The eels found in the Charles River are not electric but very difficult to handle because they are so slippery. They secrete mucus to make it more difficult for predators to hold on to them.

All in all it was a great week at CBI and I am missing it dearly this week while I'm at Piers Park.

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