Monday, July 16, 2012

My Second Training Week!

Training week was pretty exciting because of the vast amount if enthusiasm that new and returning staffers alike exhibited. Our first day we all went to Spectacle Island to show everyone some of the beautiful sea glass that were there. Sea glass is formed when bottles and glass items were thrown away into the harbor and weathered down by the sea current. Bruce then challenged everyone present to comb the beach and find artifacts to bring back to share with the group. Items ranging from pottery fragments to bottle tops were found alongside the vivid colorful sea glass. Michelle was able to find a lot of yellow sea glass, and Thi was able to find many pieces of red. Yellow and red sea glass are some of the most coveted colors because of their extreme rarity.

 Personally, I found an extraordinary leaf green marble with scarlet streaks, which really made my day since that was the only fully intact marble found that day. After about twenty minutes Bruce rounded everyone up to share their stories about where they think their artifacts originated from. Following this, everybody threw their artifacts back into the water, although a few of us were extremely reluctant to do so. However, the overall experience was captivating and joyful for the entire summer staff.


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