Friday, July 13, 2012

Scared of glass? Dont be looks cool !

The adrenaline that flowed through my system today was spectacular. There is no better feeling then helping kids out and being a role model for them. Even though I'm still learning it feels really good to teach the young ones valuable things. I visited Spectacle Island with groups of kids and we encouraged them to participate in activities such as kiting, swimming and more. The most interesting thing I have experienced is walking and finding different things such as glass, plastic, and etc.
Did you know back in the days Spectacle Island was used as a city trash dump? It took 10 years for the fire to go out. I didn't know that either well now we do. I was surprised when someone told me that because the island is so beautiful. Walking on the beach I discovered that all the glass there is no longer sharp because the waves make the glass really smooth and harder to see through. Its extremely rare to find to a fire red piece of glass because the majority of them are brown, white, or green. Me and my co-worker are the only ones who found one this size. Feels good to be a leader.

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