Friday, July 13, 2012

Eel Sushi, Anyone?

After the first three days at the Boston Children's Museum, myself, Annie, Tom and Alie were sure of one thing -- that the Fort Point Channel is loaded with crabs. Today alone, we pulled up 29 green crabs, and two irritated spider crabs, annoyed with us as we pulled them out of the crab trap. Around noon, as three of us gathered around the touch tank to show off the crabs to some kids, we looked up to Tom as he slowly pulled up the crab trap with a puzzled look on his face. "Guys, we got a really big fish..." As we ran over, we all became speechless. There in the trap sat a HUGE eel, over 2 feet long and quite wide, squirming around, most likely enjoying digesting the bait we had set in the trap, which was now inevitably in the eel's belly. As perfect timing would have it, 2 tables full of little kids were next to us witnessing this entire event, delighted with our catch of the day. After snapping a few photos, we let our newest friend back into the sea.

Crabs everywhere!
Our surprising catch!
Much to my delight, the day of eels continued once I transitioned to Community Boating for the afternoon. Yesterday, the kids and I had the opportunity to be taken out in a sailboat on the river to set a couple eel traps. Today, via kayak, we discovered that the traps had worked! In one trap close to the shoreline, we pulled up two medium size eels. The kids could hardly wait to touch them! We then kayaked to the opposite side of the river where the other trap had been set -- right by the bridge. This was even better, as we discovered six smallish, squirming eels ready to jump out and free themselves. Because of the excitement surrounding all of the eels today, we decided to put fresh bait inside both traps today and went out again to set them up in two new locations, to be checked on tomorrow! Stay tuned, as our eel saga is sure to continue...

-Ashley, Senior Harbor Educator at Boston Children's Museum and Community Boating

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