Monday, July 16, 2012

Training Week with the Wonderful Staff of 2012

This summer began very interestingly. I graduated high school and started my first summer before college hanging out with the senior staff of Save The Harbor. We visited many of the sites the youth program and towards the end of the long week, Bruce decided to surprise us all by making everyone fillet a fish... ON OUR OWN. Watching everyone go before me made the anticipation build higher and higher. Mary started the first half of the fish and then it was handed off to me.

 I was really scared but excited at the same time. Even though I asked many questions and was slow, I finally finished filleting my first fish! Since it was training, it made me feel like I was really prepared for the upcoming summer (:

Although my filleted fish was perfect, I never got a chance to bring the pollock home )': But this summer, I promise to definitely get a fish, fillet it myself, and make myself an amazing dinner!

Thi Tran

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