Monday, July 23, 2012

The Start of Better Beaches 2012

Every year at STH/STB, staffers participate in various "Better Beaches" events throughout the city and surrounding towns.  Better Beaches events are chances for the community to experience the wonders of the ocean and harbor by watching a sand sculpting festival, reading books with young children, or simply just hanging out with friends and family on a beautiful Boston evening.

One of my favorite Better Beaches event to attend is the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, which was two weekends ago.  My mother grew up in Revere, and I really enjoy going back to the beaches where she played as a child, especially when I'm there to help Save the Harbor teach tons of kids about how cool the marine environment in the ocean is!

Our five-pound lobster, named Thi, was very popular among children and adults on the beach.  The kids tended to be nervous about touching this clawed creature that one girl thought looked like a giant bug; but most were very brave and picked up our friend Thi.  The adults were more interested in what we'd be doing with Thi at the end of the day; I think a lot of them had visions of lobster rolls dancing in their heads...

No matter how big the lobster, every year the sand sculptures upstage our crustacean.  My favorite this year, by far, was the centerpiece of the event:  Fenway Park!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Fenway, all the artists who competed in the festival worked together to create this masterpiece -- and Save the Harbor, one of the event's sponsors, made it onto the finished work!

There are lots more Better Beaches events coming up this summer -- stay tuned to hear more about the great things you can do around the harbor on these lazy, hazy, summer nights.

-- Carolyn

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