Monday, July 16, 2012

My first week on Spectacle...beware the kites!

My first week on AABH was great! The new boat(Provincetown 2) is way more spacious but I'm already used to it. "No running" and "tie your shoes" is what you hear me say a lot. As for stepping foot on the island, it is amazing, it's like my second home. This week I did kite flying up the drummond. While the kites are airborne, they're really cool but once the children are's a hassle. Tangled, pieces missing and even some end up getting stuck to trees on the edge of the drummond. How? I couldn't  tell you! Just enjoy but beware the kites!!

After a kite flying session, it's nice walk down the Drummond to the beach where going for a swim is the greatest! Its the one time of the day where you can kick your feet up. After untangling 20 kites, all you want to do is jump in the harbor. At the end of the day, you can say that my first week back at AABH has been a success and I'm looking forward to heading to George's island!


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