Monday, July 23, 2012

All Access: Spectacle Island

On Friday July 13th 308 people boarded the Provincetown II at Bay State Cruise Line Dock and journeyed to Spectacle Island. The eight groups ranged from boys and girls clubs to church groups, but they all had the mutual goal of enjoying a fun day on the harbor.

Passengers sit at the front of the boat as they journey to Spectacle

 When we arrived at spectacle at 11:15 there was an immediate whirlwind of activity. The different groups picnicked and decided what their day on the island would hold. The SHSB staff offered kite flying, beach combing, and swimming as possible activities. Once the decisions were made, the next three hours were spent at different sites around the island. The main all-access SHSB staff consists of David Coffin, Carolyn Burkett, and Thi Tran. They manage the island activities in an efficient but very relaxed way, encouraging all of the groups to make the most of their day on the island.  Visitors laugh with friends and enjoy the beauty of the harbor all while learning about the harbor’s history and wildlife.

A young visitor flying a kite on one of the Spectacle's hills

A young visitor collecting rocks while beach combing on Spectacle's beach
These guided island trips are offered by SHSB’s All-Access program. The trips take place four days a week and alternate  between different islands. Each island trip offers educational and fun-filled opportunities.

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