Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventures Of The Crab

On late Tuesday morning, at Piers Park Sailing Center, me and the staff and the kids discovered that this crab in this picture was  a "green crab."
I taught kids about green crabs and red rock crabs and how to tell the difference.

As the day was going we found out that two green crabs we learned about earlier were trying to mate. Female crabs before they mate , there shell gets soft so they can fertalize the eggs and keeps them in there abdomen until birth.

The kids were asking me different types of questions. One of the questions was "how is it the animals are suppose to get together?" It was an awkward moment for me. I explained to them that it was the cycle of life and that different sea creatures have all shapes and sizes and colors as well.

It was a beautiful day especially being around kids that love to learn about different things.

On this same day we let the kids explore more. The girl in the picture "Alex" was excited to hold her first lobster and so were the other kids! Even though it was a muggy day it was still exciting for me and the kids and it still brightens my day to be around amazing kids.

- Ana Munoz

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