Monday, July 23, 2012

Competition on the Charles!

After a stormy day yesterday, the kids were back in action today at Community Boating on the Charles River. Although only two kids attended programming today, that did not stop them from encouraging all of us to hold a fishing competition! We decided to try a new fishing spot today as well. Normally, all of us would head over to the public dock near the boathouse. Today, we decided to set up camp along the bank of the river inside the main path, where it is much quieter, cooler and mysterious! Our sunfish-catching master Alex was skeptical of the idea that we would find any fish at all in this area, but luckily, after some assurance he agreed to check it out.

Testing the waters at our new spot
Our newest friend at the river
Alex and Josh -- our fishing champions
For the competition, we all split into pairs. For the bait, we relied on our always-successful carp cookies. Time limit? Unlimited. Right away, the sunfish began biting. We were also lucky enough to be joined by a large group of ducks, with one baby who became the star of the show, waddling right up to us! As the competition winded down, we said goodbye to the sunfish and ducks for the day, but we will certainly be returning to this spot shortly!

-Ashley Wakefield, Senior Harbor Educator at Boston Children's Museum and Community Boating

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