Monday, July 30, 2012


On Monday we had a new group of kids. 
There was one kid who felt lonely because he the was the only one from the old group and didn’t wanted to talk to the new kids, so I came up with a game so everyone could meet him. The game is called HELLO SHANE  - the last person to say hello to Shane loses. It was a quick way for him to meet the new kids. Therefore, Shane felt happy and the day went great for the kids and myself.     
We spent time with the Rozalia Project, picking trash up off the bottom of the Harbor so that the ocean can be clean. They also explained how long it takes for bottles to disintegrate into pieces in the ocean and how some fish might eat them. Someone from our staff drove an under water robot and there was so much trash that the robot’s claws broke.

Later in the day, we took a group of kids fishing and they were all exhausted except for this kid named Tim who caught a sunfish. As I was trying to un-hook it, it pooped on my fingers. The next day, Tim caught another sunfish and the fish laid eggs on my hand. What a weird weekend. Anne and I witnessed the birth of some sunfish, it was a very exciting moment and it made my day.
 ON Friday afternoon, Thanks to Ali, the YMCA kids were organized to each activity we planned. My group caught a small lobster and we named it flapee, because it wouldn’t stop flapping. 

At the Courageous Sailing Center, we caught another lobster but this one was about 10 pounds and it had huge claws that I’ve never seen before. This was the most exciting day of my week because I took the big lobster home and my mom made a lobster salad. It was good. A lot of meat out of it for a 10 pound lobster!

 I had a great weekend and hope to have the same week for the rest of the summer.

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