Monday, July 16, 2012

Leon's intro

Hey guys I'm Leon McKoy and I'm excited to be welcomed back for another summer at Save the harbor/ Save the bay! I'm 18 years old and I'm a senior at Fenway high school. Being back aboard the SHSB team feels really good and I'm looking forward to working with my co-workers and getting to know the new staff. It's a real laid back environment but I still work my hardest to represent the company in the most positive manner. I get to use this time as an escape from everyday life, wether it's walking the beaches of spectacle island in search of sea glass or seeing children trying their hardest to catch a sunfish down on the Charles river it cannot get any better than that.

Even though I like the individual sites around the city, AABH is my love! There's just something about being on the islands that's irresistible. Flying kites up on the drummond on spectacle and using bravery as a boost of confidence for children to conquer their fear of the dark tunnel at George's island makes great memories. The children can go home and tell their parents how they did something they probably never did before and that's the best part. Seeing everyone go home with a smile on their face and the feeling of having one of the best days ever!

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