Sunday, July 29, 2012

Riding the Waves of Sound on SoundWaves

Blues music floated across the waves as the "New Boston" made its way to Spectacle Island on its annual SoundWaves event, sponsored by Save the Harbor. The musical journey was bursting with dancing and joy and created a fun atmosphere for the entire dock at Spectacle. We, Ashley and Liz, stayed for a bit to watch people dance and tap their toes to the beat but eventually headed off to Patty and Bruce's boat from Save the Harbor.  

Enjoying the music from their boat and eating a delicious meal was a great start to the afternoon, and we eventually decided to explore beautiful Spectacle Island, including the “treasure beach.” Frist we climbed to the top of the island to view the beautiful city of Boston as well as the other islands. Though it was quite a hike it ended up being worth the view. 

Next we sauntered on over to the "treasure beach" and hunted for unusual colors of sea glass. On our hunt we found some bright green and light purple glass that, in the overcast sky, highlighted the beach. As beautiful as all the colors were that couldn't keep us from noticing the dark storm clouds rolling in from all sides of the island. We immediately headed back to the safety of our bustling boat of blues and enjoyed the tunes till we departed. 

As the story goes with rain clouds, it began to pour buckets and buckets as we floated through the harbor. Unfortunately the rain didn't let up by the time we docked at Rowes Wharf and we both had a long journey home awaiting us. Luckily, there just happened to be a warm cafĂ© across the street from the Boston Harbor Hotel where delicious hot chocolate awaited us. 

From sun shine to rain, the SoundWaves cruise was a blast all the way through. We both met some great people and enjoyed the wonders of Boston harbor. Take it from two girls who just recently moved to Boston, if you haven't gotten out this summer to enjoy the harbor and it's beauty then you better get on your way! It's right at your fingertips! 

-Liz Allen & Ashley Wakefield 

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