Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spectacle Island -- Week 3!

Another week has come and gone at Spectacle Island -- luckily without any thunderstorms to put a damper on the All Access trips!

We've had some great groups come out with us this past week, including several from the Boston Center for Youth and Families.  There are BCYF community centers all over the city, and groups from all the different centers come out to the Harbor Islands with us every week!  Vine Street Community Center is one of these groups; they've come out with us in previous years and will be coming to the Islands with us a few times this summer!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we managed to avoid rain and thunderstorms the entire week, even though most mornings looked gray and gross as groups got dropped off at the Bank of America Pavilion.  What's great about the Pavilion is that we are allowed to use the VIP tent area as a fun zone for campers to relax in the morning.  Kids can color big murals of sea creatures that you can find in the Harbor before gathering together to listen to David Coffin's history of the whichever island we'll be visiting that day plus rules and FAQ (frequently asked questions).

I'm super pumped that I got to see one of my favorite people on Spectacle -- Max the dog!  Alan, the caretaker of Spectacle Island, has an awesome dog named Max who is his constant companion.  Besides being strikingly handsome, Max is very relaxed and friendly; everyone on the boat loves it when he sits at the end of the dock so they can give him a scratch behind the ears as they embark/disembark.

Start of another great week tomorrow harbor explorers!!

-- Carolyn

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