Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Adventures Continue!

Hello again to my fellow explorers!

During the week, my team and I usually spend our mornings helping out with All Access Dockside, helping to make sure everyone gets aboard the Provincetown II safely. On Friday mornings, however, I have the  opportunity to hang out on Constitution Beach with some very special kids from the East Boston YMCA.

Beautiful morning at Constitution!

Going along with the theme of the week (check out my other posts!), I decided to bring one of our Southie lobsters on a field trip to Constitution to show the kids. Before they were able to see the lobster, I started by handing out a picture that I drew the night before. The East Boston YMCA is pretty sharp and they all knew immediately what the drawn creature was. We went on to talk about some lobster facts, while the kids colored in their new pictures. Speaking of lobster facts, did you know a lobster's teeth are located in its stomach? How about this: Its brain is located in its throat! After spending a bit of time learning about their new friend, dubbed Luigi, we played a modified game of lobster tag in which the kids had two claws - just like a lobster - and had to "pinch" the other kids' claws off to win. Of course there was one round in which the kids were all allowed to "regenerate" their claws, just like real lobsters, but we had to have a winner in the end... Our victorious lobster tag victor, was allowed to pet and hold Luigi first.
Sensing a theme here?

Luigi was so nice to allow the kids to learn about him and pet him, that we all decided to let him free into the water at the end of our morning. I waded into the chilly waters of Constitution, with the kids clapping behind me, as we let Luigi the lobster return to his home. Thanks for a great morning, East Boston YMCA!

Later in the afternoon, my team and I headed back to McDonough Sailing Center to hang out with the campers. The day had gotten cloudy and many of the kids were back home with their families, but there were some faithfuls there, as always, so we headed over to the pier for some fishing. We couldn't catch too much more than green and red rock crabs on our lines, but we'll try again and experiment with some new bait next week. Cant wait!

Madison & Anna fishing off the pier on Castle Island.

Talk to you all soon!


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