Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I Caught the Smallest Crab in the World!!!!!"

Tuesday was an extremely hot day at Black’s Creek, but being knee deep in water digging around for sea life certainly helped the kids stay cool, as well as an intense game of drip, drip, drop.
Size comparison!
So many green crabs and counting!!!!
Kaitlyn, our youngest explorer, happened to capture the smallest crab the kids have ever caught this year! Just the other day we set a record as well, our smallest group of only two explorers were able to capture the most green crabs ever - a total of 26!

After grabbing the tiny crab from the shore, Kaitlyn brought it to the group, figured out if it was a boy or girl (boy), and told everyone that it wasn’t the smallest crab the explorers have ever caught, but that it was the smallest crab in the world!!

Kaitlyn and her tiny prize.
At Camp Harbor View, the staff were surprised just as much as the kids were. After pulling up one of two lobster traps, a skate was inside, and no, not a stingray!!! The kids were scared and extremely interested as most have never seen or heard of a skate before, but all of them were curious enough to face their fear and touch it. It was a great surprise after having no bites yet during fishing.

The kids loving the not-so-lobster in the lobster pot!
- Carly

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