Monday, July 23, 2012

Stormy Summer Day at Spectacle Island

     This week has been so long, but it has also been very interesting! Yesterday, we went out with around 230 kids, mostly from Dorchester. Although the plan was to go to George's Island and visit the dark tunnel with the "Lady in Black," we had to go to Spectacle Island due to unforeseen problems. Everyone who went out with us brought along their bathing suit and quickly got into the water as soon as they stepped off the boat. Since the Leahy Center had lifeguards, some people went over to the end of the dock to jump off! The Save the Harbor youth staff, including myself, rushed down and began to jump off with them. I had so much fun out there in the water and I can't wait to do that again this summer! The Leahy kids were very entertaining to be around and we were so glad to have them come out with us. On our way back to the World Trade Center, we heard rumbling and quick flashes of lightning. Most were afraid to brave the storm on the top deck, but some of the youth staff as well as some counselors from St. Marks Parish stayed out and we joked around in the blasting wind, looking at the storm. 
I had a lot of fun at Spectacle Island this week and I'm so excited to come back again this week!

Thi Tran

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