Monday, July 23, 2012

You wasn't with me playing NINJA

Today on All Access was a journey like no other. The beauty of Spectacle Island is that there are more than one or two groups on this magnificent island. Today I met with a group from RPS, a group from revere, and they introduced me to a new game called, Ninja. It was an interesting game, Leon and I were amused by how interested the kids were in this game. I was fishing off the side of the dock and luckily got some kids interested enough to come and fish with me. One of the children, Kristine, got the hooks stuck in the side of the dock and thought she caught a fish.
 The game Ninja is basically a game where you try to hit with one move and dodge with one move. I learned a lot today working with these kids and I taught them how to fish. Many kids were very scared to fish by the dock because the water was 20 ft deep. The fishing clinic helped me teach the kids easier ways to fish by using my past knowledge. I had a great day.

- Ahmed Hassan

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