Monday, July 30, 2012

Swimming on Spectacle...... yay!

This past week Save the Harbor Save the bay took a lot of groups each day (except Monday) to Spectacle island to learn and explore. It is also a really fun island that gives me and the kids a good experience while learning about the island. A great guy named David along with his workers (us) teach you and help you have fun, you the kids. When we went to the island this week we went swimming and it was so hot that I jumped right in with the kids and was playing with them, throwing them around, splashing them, and just having the times of our lives in the Harbor water. The water is really fun when the big waves wash up on us while we are in the water. Everyone loves it, especially the kids. While all this was happening I was teaching a little girl how to swim, I forgot her name, but she was having the time of her life. She was so happy and smiling. She wanted me to do it again and again. She was 5 years old. It made me smile just to see the kids have a good time while they were on Spectacle.

See you next time... THE BEAST ;D

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