Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shelburne Girls!

Shelburne Girls, they are a part of a group of girls and boys but today we had the girls only. When they got to the Bank of America Pavilion I gave them a drawing to color and of course i stayed there with them coloring too. They asked me alot of questions like whats my name?,  whats my nationality?, they even asked me if I would stay with them all day! Their names were Jada, Kiandra, Jasmine, Jasmine and Jalean. When we got to Spectacle Island the kids ate lunch, then they all went to the beach. The girls wanted me to get wet but I said no because the water was too cold and they started to laugh at me! One of the girls even asked me to talk to her in spanish because she knew how to speak it also. Then all the other girls asked us what we were saying and we both told them.


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