Monday, July 30, 2012

Marginal Teeth, GREEN CRABS

The Boston children's museum is a very interesting site. We work with younger children so we usually have to explain to them what to do, but today I met some interesting children. I met an eight year old child who knew everything that I knew. It was cool because when explaining to a child what makes a green crab a green crab we usually do not use words they can't understand. We explain that the sharp parts on the upper torso spell out "Green" because of the five spikes. One of the children knew that the "spikes" were actually called Marginal Teeth.

I also explained to the child the difference between a male and female crab. The triangle on the torso of the crab for a male is narrow and for a female its wide. It is wide because it carries eggs. The child knew all the things I was talking about.

-Ahmed Hassan

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