Thursday, July 19, 2012

Profile: Courageous Sailing Center

     Courageous Sailing Center, located in Charlestown, has dedicated 25 years to giving Boston's youth an oportunity to sail and explore the harbor.  Courageous sailing believes that through sailing they can teach children valuable lessons about life and learning.  Through their instruction, Courageous sailing center demonstrates strong leadership and helps give Boston communities access to the Harbor.  Save the Harbor/Save the Bay offers youth programs for different groups of Courageous sailors throughout the day.

     Our Harbor Explorers staff helps educate the children at Courageous Sailing Center about exciting aspects of the harbor that are accessable right on their sailing docks.  The kids all vary in ages, but they are equally engaged in each of the activites we offer. The minute we arrived on site, campers wanted to know when they could check the day before's crab traps. Groups of campers followed us  down the docks to check the rows of traps that were set with bait.  With each new trap that was brought up onto the dock, there was a set of cheers as the kids eagerly counted the number of crabs. The final trap on the dock (the lobster trap) is like the grand finale. The kids were all amazed to see live lobsters that have been caught right off of their dock. They learned basic crab and lobster facts, and if they were brave enough, they learned how to hold a crab.  Through these short oceanlife lessons, each child can see new parts of the harbor that further develop their summer on the water experience.
-Bridget and Alyssa

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