Friday, July 27, 2012

"Look at what I found!"

"Look at what I found!!!" This is the fun phrase I heard about 50 times in 45 minutes as I treasure hunted with kindergartners from Braintree on Wednesday. It was a nice cool day, perfect for all activities on the island, and I had the opportunity to experience them all with fun kids from all over Boston.

When we arrived at Spectacle Island the faces of all the kids on the Provincetown II lit up as they saw all the fun things they could do on the island. It was fun to hear them plan their adventures as they waited to depart the boat. Most were excited to go swimming and were practically stripped down to their swim trunks before they got off the boat. Some were complaining about their growling bellies and much to their delight, lunch was first on the list of things to do.

In a single file line the excited kids made their way to the visitors center on the Island. It was a cool sight to see all the benches on the island filled with kids. After our delicious lunch, everyone went in the direction of their interest whether it be flying kites, swimming, or treasure hunting. My favorite activity is to treasure hunt so I ended up on the treasure beach with the kindergarten class from Braintree After School Enrichment program. Immediately, the kindergartners went diving for sea glass and their excitement was apparent when they came back to the display board with about 3 or 4 pounds of glass.

Seeing all the things collected I decided I wanted to know specifically what they were looking for so I often asked the question "what special color of sea glass are you looking for?"Most just responded with the color green, probably because it was the first color they saw. So I explained to them that there are more than one color of sea glass. From there we went on a hunt for the colors of blue, yellow, and red. It was fun to see them running up to whomever and show what color they found or what weird object they found.  By the time 45 minutes passed the kindergarteners had the entire display table covered with treasures they had found.

By the time the day was over and it was time to cruise on back home, the entire boat of kids and I were exhausted from a full day of exploring the island. It was a fun adventure and I hope to experience another wonderful day of All Access Boston Harbor with Save the Harbor / Save the Bay.

Liz Allen
Events/Communications Intern

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