Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BC brings excitement to CHV!

THE BLUE CRABS ARE HERE! Kids were very shocked to see blue crabs on their camp ground during the middle of the day. Also, the BC football team was at Camp Harborview this past Friday. The blue crabs were not the only BC's surprising the kids on Long Island that day.

Many kids surprised me by being fearless of the blue crabs since I feel they are feisty. The kids definitely thought they were the feistiest crabs they have ever seen. But, there were still some kids eager to hold a blue crab and play with them. A few people really wanted to take a blue crab home. The girl in the picture below kept asking us if she could take one home, but she couldn't because it would not survive long out of water.

The blue crabs are different from the crabs that we usually see in the Boston harbor. They look different with their sharp spikes on their sides. They are also more aggressive and snap quickly if you get close to them. Good thing is no one got pinched by a blue crab. The kids definitely can't wait for more surprises at Camp Harborview.

- Will Clark

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