Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reading at the Beach!

Just last week I attended the event in South Boston with the South Boston Neighborhood House where we enjoyed music, food, reading, and most exciting of all a touch tank with lobster and crabs. It was a great pleasure to see so many people to show up to such a fantastic event. Like many of the other events Save the Harbor attends with touch tanks, the kids enjoyed getting to know the lobsters and learning about the red rock crab and the green crab. 

Several of the kids who were at the event at first were afraid of the creatures that we had there but most of them warmed up to the lobster by the end of the event. It was awesome to see several of these kids overcome an initial fear of something that lives in the water.

Another part of this beach event that everybody enjoyed was searching for blue marbles in the sand. Anyone who finds a marble earns a chance to win 40,000 points for JetBlue Airlines, which can be used on any flight to go anywhere. If you happen to find one while on the beach, send a photo with you and the marble to, or post it to Save the Harbor's Facebook page!

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