Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Amazing Boston Harbor

At the dock on the Frederick Nolan
 Amazing Boston Harbor
Getting ready for a Boston Harbor boat tour
I had to get equipped a little more
Learn a few things and realize what the harbor really brings
Communities coming together with friendship and opportunities
And even singing famous sea shanties
On one of the cleanest harbors in America
Trash it I dare ya
And you'll start a problem you can't answer
This is Boston and we love our harbor
Cleanliness official so you know its beneficial
So we keep it on point like a missile
Just take a trip to the harbor islands
See what gets me amazed into silence
Deer island, spectacle, George's, castle island and long island
But I'm just dropping a few favorites
And hoping you know the basics
Realizing that the harbor is what we make it
Use it and don't abuse it
& continue to show your respect to it
We have to keep it accessible
And never again to be known as horrible
So if you support it like my team and I
When I say save the you say harbor
Loading The Boat
Enjoying The View

 - Will Clark

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