Monday, July 16, 2012

Exploring The World On the Other Side

 Hello My Name Is Ana Munoz,

I Graduated from Brighton High School and I will be continuing my education with my first
year of College. I will Be attending Bunker Hill Community College then transfer over either to Boston College or Boston University either way I will be successful. What helped me enjoy my time at Save the harbor / save the bay so far as a new member of the staff is that it teaches me how to interact with not only kids but as well as my team that I work with.
Life is about going beyond your expectations and to enjoy every step of the way. I not only believe this organization is great but I believe everyone works as hard as they can to make an impact on everyone and that is what I feel that I can bring to this job. Leadership and commitment are what I follow on my every day step. I can't wait to see what else it brings.
I want to exceed and develop more of an experience with this organization because they work on dedication and team work. Working with kids has really opened my eyes to a better and brighter day. Life is always about living it and every step of the way and staying humble with in your self. Working here has really impacted me and finding out who I really am as a person.
I am excited for this summer, and I will take my experience with me everywhere i go :)

These are an amazing Kids , They are not just learning from me but there teaching me something new each and everyday. Experiencing something new with them is always a great and joyful time  it reminds me how great life is especially with great  kids like these

Now this would explain my title a little more I never really experienced fishing. It was a great experience with my team and the kids and it made me so excited to catch my first crab and lobster. I cant wait to see what else is in store for me.

---- Ana Munoz

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