Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sandcastles and Sunshine at Revere Beach!

Friday afternoon I had the opportunity to take a drive to Revere Beach and be a part of the sand sculpting festival. I had never attended before, and lets just say it is now on a must do list for summer.
The sculptures were breathtaking. It was amazing that these pieces of art were created from sand. Talk about using the resources nature provides.
Sculptures hard at work.

  The piece of art that reflected Fenway Park was my absolute favorite. It was vast, yet incredibly detailed. It not only was a beautiful replication of Fenway, the advertisers featured were all people who sponsored the sand castle festival. Save the Harbor Save the Bay was properly represented!!

Fenway Sculpture. 

 Underneath the education tent Save the Harbor Save the Bay was one of organizations that were present to provide materials and experiences about the importance of preserving and cherishing the ocean.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Table
It was great to see other organizations that all support the main cause of ensuring the ocean is clean and healthy for all the living organisms and for us to enjoy. It was a wonderful way to confirm that they work we do is having an impact and we are not alone in wanting to treasure the ocean.

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