Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Day At Spectacle Island

Wow , what a great day at Spectacle Island. I got to spend quality time with awesome kids from The Summer Academy. I laughed and enjoyed my time with them. There was this one camper that really grabbed my attention ! His name is Jacob, he is 6 years old with a spunky personality. He is definitely smart for his age and has a lot going on for himself  ! Here's a picture I took of him !
I also enjoyed interacting with this group because of how different they were. They all had really outgoing personalities just like me. Thi and I had fun coloring with The Summer Academy group earlier today before we arrived at Spectacle Island. Everyone at our table enjoyed our company as you can see here ! They had a lot of fun coloring characters from the Spongebob show. Jacob was really engaged by helping his friends color and shade in the characters.  He is such a great sport when it comes to teamwork ! 

I enjoyed these campers a lot ! Hope to definitely see them again at All Access. They were awesome ! Bye now.

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