Monday, July 16, 2012

Boston Harbor: From Trap to Table

We've reached the beginning of our second week out on Boston Harbor, and I couldn't be more proud of how my amazing staff spent their first week of programs. You can read their own experiences all over this blog, but, spoiler alert: it was a really exciting week. There was an eel at the Boston Children's Museum, a flounder at Piers Park Sailing Center, fishing success in the Charles River, and a new sign at Camp Harbor View-- just to name a few highlights. If this first week is any indication of the rest of the summer-- I can't wait for week two!

David Coffin, our maritime historian, starts every day of All Access Boston Harbor by posing a challenge to the hundreds of kids who are about to board our boat: Today, try something you've never tried before. Some kids take their first boat ride, some kids find their first piece of red sea glass, some kids overcome their fear of the dark tunnels on Georges Island. New experiences are happening on the Harbor every day! And even though it's my third summer with the program, this week was still filled with several "firsts," proving to me once again that the Harbor always has something new to offer!

First #1: Our First Blue Cross / Blue Shield Interns!
This past Tuesday, TEN new staffers joined our ranks, and we're thrilled to welcome them to the Save the Harbor team. They come to us through Blue Cross Blue Shield's internship program, which helps provide jobs to local high school students in Boston. This is the first time we've partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield in this respect, and I couldn't be happier already. All of the young men and women have been eager to learn so many new things and are so enthusiastic already. Keep an eye out for them on the Harbor in the coming weeks!

First #2: My First All Access Trip!
In 3 summers, I hadn't actually been out on All Access! So I was REALLY excited to go out to Spectacle Island on Tuesday, AND to bring our ten new staffers aboard to show them the Harbor. But my personal first aside, Tuesday also marked our FIRST All Access Boston Harbor trip aboard the Provincetown II, and thus our first trip to be able to take over 350 kids and teens out on the Harbor in one trip. It was amazing to witness so many community groups experiencing the island-- and to comb my favorite beach for some beautiful artifacts!

First #3: Camp Harbor View's First Lobster Feast!
On Thursday, I headed out to Camp Harbor View to be a part of our new programming out on Long Island. And we decided to bring some friends along -- some lobsters for a mini feast! The two lobsters had been caught elsewhere in the Harbor... and boiled by yours truly! We wanted to bring some lobsters out there so that the kids at Harbor View could see the benefits of the Harbor from trap to table-- that we can catch things right here in the clean, healthy water, and that they can be delicious. Hopefully we'll have quite a few more lobster feasts at Camp Harbor View this summer!

Here's to a great Week Two!


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