Thursday, July 12, 2012

How many lobsters?

Some words come to mind when one thinks of New England. The Patriots, colorful foliage, The Cape, long winters, Dunkin Donuts,The Boston Red Sox,  and seafood, are a few off the cusp thoughts. 
One image that is  especially present  is lobster. Bright red pots filled the brim with boiling water. Lobsters moving about in murky tanks in nice, and not so nice restaurants. A freshly toasted hot dog bun filled with lobster meat with a side of cole slaw.

Well, these are my personal  visuals. One visual that did not come to mind is pulling up a trap with a lobster thrashing about. Or placing the bands on a lobster's claw to ensure no fingers would be harmed. Definitely not holding a live lobster in each hand on a dock in Charleston.

Well, guess what I did today? I pulled up traps with lobsters in them. I placed bands on their claws so little fingers wouldn't get harmed in the touch tank. I held TWO lobsters, one in each hand, and one of each gender.
Lobster #1. 
I did not believe such things were possible.
And then they happened!

We had an incredible day at Courageous Sailing, complete with lobsters, and showing children how to hold, and identify parts of the lobster.

My friend William holding the catches of the day!

Best Day.

:) Ali Hurney

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