Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tall Ship Adventure!

Hey everyone!

On July 2nd we explored a tall ship from Indonesia with the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. The kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy the excitement of being on the mighty ship.

Once they had toured the ship, the kids waved at the passing boats. They were especially excited if a boat honked back.

One surprise of the trip aboard was the reenactment of a cannon ball exchange from the war of 1812. The noise was startling at first, but once the kids were told that there were no actual cannon balls they enjoyed the show.

Myisha, age 7, said that she was having a great time exploring. When asked, she said that her favorite part of the tour was the massive steering wheel. 

In the end, the kids left with smiles and a new sense of life on the water!

-Alyssa and Bridget

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