Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holy Smokes Southie!

Colin shows the camera his favorite green crab of the day.

What an amazing start to the week for the campers at McDonough Sailing Center at Castle Island in South Boston! This past Monday was my first day at a site on my own and I was definitely feeling the need to impress. A lot of these kids are seasoned Castle Island veterans, so it was definitely intimidating. Thankfully, the bay did NOT disappoint! It was nothing short but filled with all sorts of crustaceans and other marine life.The kids and I worked together to catch an amazing amount of green, red rock, and spider crabs. Most exciting though, was going out with Kenny (the McDonough program director) on his motor boat and pulling up two lobster pots that were out in the bay.

Wait... What was so exciting about these lobster pots? Oh, you know... When we pulled them up, they had a 6lb. and 8lb. lobster inside!!! First thing's first, no I am not exaggerating. We put the little - or should I say big - guys on a scale and weighed them. A lot of our campers couldn't even fit their hands around the lobsters to hold them!

Alie, one of our staffers helping Abbey hold a 6lb. lobster!
Needless to say, these monster lobsters took up a lot of our attention. We put the pots back out in the bay at the end of the day and will be anxiously awaiting what the they have in store for us tomorrow!

Before I end this post, I want to send a promised shout out to some of the campers I met yesterday: Abbey, Colin, Will, and Harrison. Told you guys you're going to be famous this summer!


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