Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jumping in!

All smiles during training week!
Training week has absolutely been an adventure. Between meeting the staff, exploring all the different sites, catching my first crab, and filleting and cooking my first fish; a whole new world of experiences has been opened up to me.  This is my first year as a Senior Harbor Educator and I am wondering how I have not participated in this amazing program yet.
The filet of Pollock I filleted and prepared!

I have always been a water person. I distinctly remember refusing to leave Nantasket beach as a young child and insisting that I want to live in the water. 

While at Camp Harbor view, located on Long Island, 
Michelle holding the correctly labeled buoy!
Michelle, Andrew, and I moved a bolder in order to acquire buoys. It was not until later that we realized the buoys we snagged had "Michelle and Ali" written on them!

It was at that very moment, I chose to jump in. While I have many experiences in education, I had never had been fishing, crabbing, or spent too much time on a boat. However, I remembered life is endless moments of learning.

I will keep you updated on all the awesome experiences yet to come!

-Ali Hurney
Close shot of the names, spelled correctly!

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