Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Name Is Anthony !!

Hey world my name is Anthony Diaz, im 19 years old, and I just graduated from Brighton High school. My plan is to go to Mass Bay community college for 2 years, then transfer to Umass Amherst and finish off over there.
My older brother Ramon Diaz talked me into joining the summer program at Blue Cross Blue Shield. The first meeting I went to I loved it and decided to stay and become a grown up.
My goals this summer are to inspire children to look up to me and for me to be a great role model for them, to meet new people such as co-workers, kids, etc. I'm really looking forward to working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.
Well that's me. Have a great day!

                                  My only dedication this summer is to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay !

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