Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exciting First Days at Save the Harbor

Hello all to whom I have yet to meet. I am a new junior assistant here at Save the Harbor. My name is Tom Kenary. I am from a small suburb right outside Boston and attend the Belmont Hill school. Both my older brothers have worked here in the past couple years and I can't wait to start. This past week, I had my first two training days to get a firm grip on the things I need to know in order to work here. On the first day, we traveled to Spectacle Island. It was actually the first time I had ever been there. We went treasure hunting and then took the ferry to George's island where we walked through the fort.

On my second and final day of training, we did an overall walk through of all the nitty gritty things that we had yet to cover. Once we finished with that, Bruce surprised us all by bringing in a steamed 8 pound lobster called "Larry" that he caught the day before. He was delicious. Then we traveled to the Children's museum where we did some ice breaking exercises. I did learn how to successfully cast a fishing rod. I am extremely excited for the summer and can not wait to work with the kids.

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