Wednesday, July 8, 2020

5 years Swimming with STH

By the Sea

Happy Summer! A warm welcome back to another summer on the Boston Harbor, only, this one's gonna look a little different than what we're used to. This has been a hectic year but that is not going to stop us from enjoying our summer. Each month has brought a new change to the way we perceive "normal" life. As it turns out, life is not so "normal". Therefore, what I look forward to the most this summer is what it will bring given the circumstances. I know everything feels uncertain at the moment, with uncertainty comes doubts, concerns, and suspicion. Instead of worrying about what our future might look like, try to focus on what is going on right now. This is the perfect time to sit with your thoughts, unwind, and heal. Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather, hanging out with loved ones, and relaxing by the water. 

For my fifth summer on the harbor, I want to achieve these 5 things before the summer is over;
  1. Swim in the Harbor
  2. Find a Seastar
  3. Catch a stripped bass
  4. Create a sea glass mural
  5. Build a bond with my crew
A little bit about me; I am a rising senior at Mass College of Liberal Arts where I study Chemistry and Psychology. I love all things science, when I was younger I aspired to become a marine biologist. Although I no longer want to be a marine biologist, STH is the closest I will get to experiencing it. Since my first summer with STH, I have learned more than I ever expected about my local community and the Boston Harbor. I have become more familiar with the beaches, Boston harbor islands, and our different sites around the city. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable, whether that meant picking up crabs or hooking a seaworm to go fishing, I tried it. I did things I never thought I could do which is the best thing about this job. STH has pushed and challenged me, thus shaping the person I have become today. Each summer I feel like I have improved myself and my skills. 

I sang Haul Away Joe in the playground at George's Island. I created some cool chalk art on the boardwalk outside of the Children's Museum. I've gone kayaking in the lagoon near the esplanade, paddle boarding at CHV, and kayaking in the Charles. I've made lots of friends of all ages through our programming. My favorite thing is when someone returns and remembers me, my heart warms at their excitement. To sum it up, I am ready for whatever summer 2020 is going to throw at me. Cheers to my favorite season! 

Swimming Off

Kharliyah & Bridget 2017

Seaweed Scarf - CHV 2019 


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