Friday, July 10, 2020

Malibu beach

This week we were working at Malibu beach. I loved that it was a little piece of paradise right in the middle of the city and that it had so many beautiful plants and trees. I think my most favorite part though was all the dogs that we saw pass by us. However, the sand was a quick sand nightmare. When the tide was low the closer you got to the water the deeper you would sink. I think my toes are still stained black from the black sand. We also found quite a few dead animals, dead crabs, dead jellyfish, and one dead mystery animal that looked sort of like an eel

 If kids were to go to this site i think that they would be able to really see the effects of pollution and littering on an environment. They would also be able to see with their own eyes just how many creatures depend on that area. When people think of beaches they immediately think about recreational activities. A beach is also a home that needs to be respected and taken care of. Going to Malibu beach would really help teach kids that animals and plants are greatly affected by our actions.

I learned so much from Malibu beach but most importantly I learned what a marsh is. Malibu beach was actually a marsh that wasn't transformed into a beach until 1908 in order to attract people to the area. Marshes are a natural water purifier. They filter out pollution and provide the animals that feed off that land with a lot of nutrients. The reason that the sand at malibu beach is so dark is because it's filled with nutrients from decomposed animals and other organic matters. It's actually really bad for the land for it to be disrupted by humans. So turning it into a beach wasn't an eco friendly move it was more of a money move.

My favorite part of being at the site was taking the pictures of all the things that I found pretty. It helped me see the marsh differently. My focus went from how the water looked gross and the sand was a nightmare to how many beautiful things this land allowed to grow. It also unlocked a new hobby for me. I officially have an Instagram for pictures of nature. It was also so much fun trying to find new animals and seeing new animals like jellyfish. Getting to learn new things, see new things, and change your view is always an amazing thing to be able to experience. 
Catch you on the flip side! 

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