Friday, July 24, 2020

What a Week at Revere Beach

    This week the team and I went to Revere Beach. When you see this beach you can tell they take care of it. The water is super clear and the sand is nice an white. The plan was to fish and connect this week to climate resilience. Now I was not expecting to see fish or catch anything but then my eyes see a shadow. The shadow was a fish shape and I knew what it was. There was striper ten feet in front of me. Then one became three and more. I caught three fish and had a great week. Now what does fishing have to do with Climate resilience? Well fish and marine life can tell you a lot of the health of the environment. If you see a lot of fish and sea plants then the area is healthy. Meaning the climate change has not affected the area greatly. Which is really good to see and gives me hope that Revere Beach is taking care of the environment.

    Speaking of climate resilience, our guest speaker's video was a great example of that. When seeing how climate change can negatively affect Boston it was alarming. The water levels would have risen so much that most of Boston would be covered in water. The most affected would be the harbor areas because they are next to the water. This could not only affect us humans but also the marine life too. When you change the "world" that fish and other animals live in it can be hard for them to adapt. Now imagine that more water is added to the city. We might see striper swimming in the streets. That sounds great for fishermen but for other people not so much. We need to take a stand and try to improve our world. It might be to late to fix global warming but we can try to help the world become cleaner the it was years ago.
I can't wait to see what is our next adventure! 
Pretty day

Finally caught one 

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