Sunday, July 26, 2020

Climate Resiliency at Carson

    So this week I placed in Carson Beach. This is a beach in South Boston. The nearest train station is JFK station. The theme for this week was climate resiliency. Climate resiliency is basically how the environment reacts to certain climate change. Climate change is a serious topic. The change in weather can not only affect the people but can affect many habitats. According to the video, climate change will affect Boston by having more hot days. Something that shocked me is that in Boston we should be expecting some pretty intense precipitation. This is important because heavy precipitation can cause massive flooding which results in a lot of destruction. Sea level rise has been an issue in Boston recently and will continue to affect it in the future. Climate Ready Boston is a program that consists of multiple other universities combined who's goal is to try and figure out how to avoid a lot of damage due to climate change. I find it amazing how there are multiple programs in Boston that are interested and concerned about climate change. I'd have to look into it more because climate change is really important and can affect us a lot in the future. Nowadays we tend to have a lot more rain and the rain has been very heavy and may even bring some lightning and thunder. It's a little weird because one day can so hot and sunny and the next day consists of rain with lightning and thunder and even possible flooded areas.
    Last week my group and I created a video providing information about how climate change/resiliency affects Carson Beach. The first day of shooting the video it was very hot out. We also spent most of the day trying to figure out who was going to deliver what information. We also spent time researching and rehearsing what to say in the video. Most of us were able to finish filming that day. Early that morning we set a crab trap by the pier and planned on leaving it there till Thursday. 

Me and my group at Carson Beach.

   The next day my team and I went to Spectacle Island. We learned about the island's history and explore the sea glass found by the shore. Towards the end, we got a little tired of walking and had some fun in the water. The last day at Carson was more laid back because we finished filming so we just walked around the beach and played some games. 
The view of Boston from Spectacle Island.

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