Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Harbor Marine Lifestyle

Welcome back to my harbor blog! This week I was at revere beach where we had to create a little scavenger hunt for kids. We did a lot of things over on revere beach, in fact, we went on nice beach walks, cleaned up the harbor, and enjoyed the tides! There was a lot of trash on the beach, which sucks because our goal for our harbor is to keep the harbor 100% clean. So, we cleaned a big part of the beach and had around 7-8 trash bags full. It was a really nice moment with my harbor group. The beach walk was enjoyable, just looking for creatures to add to our scavenger hunt and enjoying the relaxing waves. On Thursday we all had gone swimming and fishing, unfortunately, we didn’t catch much besides seaweed.

While walking on the beach we had discovered multiple marine species that were interesting to find! One of them being a moon snail, if you didn’t know, a moon snail is a fairly big snail that often leaves black discharge whenever it moves along the beach, you’ve probably seen them once or twice at any harbor beach. They can range from 2.25 to even 5.5 inches! They are herbivores at a young age and often eat sea lettuce as they grow, in which they then become carnivorous feeding on bivalves, other snails, razor clams, etc.

Another marine creature that we found on revere beach was a razor clam! A fun fact about razor clams, they are very strong and it is almost impossible to remove them from their shell in one piece, they just might end up breaking it if anyone actually attempts to separate it. Razor clams can grow up to 10 inches in size! That is massive for a clam. Just like moon snails, other species of razor clams can be found at pacific and island beaches. In terms of diet, they eat bivalves and plankton. 

Hope you’re enjoying the waves just like I am! Have a good day!

~Kamal T.


Moon Snail

Razor Clam

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