Sunday, July 12, 2020

Catch me at Revere Beach!


My first day EVER on the job I got to explore Revere Beach. This is a very popular beach in the Boston area with unique scenery, wide range of wildlife, and lots of people looking to have fun in the sun! We spent the first day with the sun peaking through the clouds with wind, and of course exploring. We got to see the enclosed areas for Piping Plovers, we got to watch the tides go from extremely low to our toes, and we got to see how big the beach is, by the end of the day we walked 4 miles!! Lets just say I was dead by the end of it. Our next day we decided to go to the other end in the hopes of catching some fish and crabs. The sea Gods were on our side because we ended up pulling in a striper by routinely reeling in the line to get rid of algae. We all ran to see it because it was our first catch of the summer, yay! Overall I enjoyed my first week very much! I was exploring a great beach with some pretty cool people and learning along the way.
A little pinch never hurt!

Did you know Revere Beach was the first public beach? I know I didn't. This is one of many reasons why we need to keep our beaches clean and safe. So remember next time you're headed to the beach to get some sun clean up after yourselves. The trash we leave on our beaches only ends up destroying our beaches and ecosystem as a whole. Also, the ocean is these animals home so please be nice to it!
Team Michael says hi to our first catch!

Some time ago, Vice-president George H.W bush took a boat ride across the harbor and called it the “harbor of shame” and indeed it was. For a long time Boston had been dumping it’s sewage into the Boston harbor. In 1985, the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) was established and a court ordered a clean up. In 1995 the change our harbor needed was put to action on Deer Island led by MWRA. Five years later the waste was no longer going into our harbor but now into a 9.5 mile tunnel outfall. I’m happy to say we no longer have the  dirtiest harbor in America. 

This crab wanted a photoshoot!
Smooth sailing,

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