Monday, July 27, 2020

Castle Island with a sprinkle of Climate Change

        Guess who's back, back back, back again,(Eminem's voice). Fatima's back :)
I caught a fishy :))) 
      Heyy everyone, for week 3, my team and I spent our time exploring Castle Island. The island which is really a peninsula get it's name from the giant fort-- which resembles a castle-- that sits on the top. Fort Independence has so much history within it. It was used as the main base for military operations for the British back during the American Revolution. On Monday, my team and I had the awesome opportunity to go on an amazing fishing trip on the Belle! That fishing trip had to be my most favorite one by far!
     That day was the first time I ever caught more than three fish! Kristen caught more fish than I can remember, she was on a roll! (I was feeling kinda jealous, haha). While fishing we made various videos for our deliverable that showed how to do two different types of casting, how to bait fish, and team members catching fish! For the remainder of the week, my team and I were on Castle Island fishing off the fishing pier, getting familiar with the area, playing a few games, and making a painting of the island! While we were fishing we didn't catch as much as we thought we would :(. Aidan caught two fishing rods that were stuck together and covered in lots of seaweed and Karen caught a crab on the rod. In the crab trap, we caught some crabs and a tiny fish. While on the fishing pier, we saw Kristen, David and another team on their way to Spectacle Island, haha!
530 cities already experiencing climate change effects - Smart ...
the picture speaks for itself. 
      Climate change and climate resiliency is a topic that doesn't get talked about enough! Climate change is real and I am patiently waiting for the day that the leaders of the United States stops seeing it as a political issue and a deadly environmental one and make some important changes. Climate change affects the world in various ways which include sea levels rising, glaciers melting, animals dying, extreme temperatures and much more. This issue can affect people personally, especially those who live on the coast and around large bodies of water. If sea levels continue to rise at the rate that they are, areas in Boston can become floated and cause lots of damages. I live in Charlestown and have been to the Navy Yard over 1,000 times and over the 15 years I've lived here, I definitely noticed the rise in sea levels. A way that I can play a role in advocacy about climate change in Boston is continuing to work for Save the Harbor Save the Bay and keep the harbor the cleanest it can be. Also, find a way to hold community gatherings about the severity of this topic and initiate change to the leaders of the city, state, and country! 
   Until we speak again, stay safe and help the earth stay healthy! :)
           Fatima Fontes

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