Friday, July 31, 2020

My week at Constitution!!!

    Hey everyone so this week my group and I were placed at Constitution Beach in East Boston. This week has been a pretty good week even though it was HOT. Well, we started off our week by coming up with an idea to present our deliverable for this week. We worked quite efficiently and finished our deliverable faster than we expected. We decided to create a little mini scavenger hunt, based on Constitution. Each of us had a different part of the beach to draw and color as we all hid crabs around the drawing. 
    Since we finished our deliverable we decided to take a trip down Belle Isle Marsh we also brought along a furry little friend. We first took the train to Beachmont and had a little lunch break. After we were done eating we headed toward Belle Isle marsh. We walked along the pathway of the marsh and saw different views of it. This trip was fun and quite an experience. The only thing I didn't like was all the bug bites I was scratching once I got home. 
         Us at the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. 

    Kayaking today was fun but scary. It was good to get to know some people that work for Save the Harbor/Bay other than the people in my group. We all kayaked as one big group and had some fun. Of course, I was terrified that I was going to fall into the water. But for my first time kayaking, I did a pretty good job. The part the was the most stressful and difficult part of this trip was when we paddled back to the dock because we had to paddle against the current making our arms tired. Every time Che and I stopped for a break we were drifting backward so it took us more time to get back. Towards the end, we all came together as a group and ate lunch more than 6 feet of each other of course. At the end, we all took a group photo and shared some laughs with one another. It was quite an experience to have some fun but also to meet new people
    This week's theme was environmental justice. When I hear environmental justice I think of justice for all people. Environmental Justice is important to this society because there are too many stereotypes and awful incidents causing great pain and immense damage to many people. Different ways to raise awareness for Environmental Justice is by holding different events/fundraisers to help those in need. People should care about this topic because it affects a lot of our people living in this society today. Most people are judged and mistreated by the color of their skin, or the country they come from. It leaves me in shock at how disrespected people are just because they are different. This is important because it is unfair to those who do no harm and are still judged upon. 

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