Thursday, July 9, 2020

A completely new summer !!!

  A Completely New summer!!!!
Hey there, My name is Che Hanks I am going into junior year but I will be reclassing and will be a sophomore again. For my Freshman and Sophomore year I attended Excel academy charter high school in East Boston but this upcoming year I will be transferring to Bishop Fenwick in Peabody. I am very excited to be at a new school this year especially for Basketball, my past 2 years as a freshman and sophomore I played varsity basketball and started both years. At Excel I was also a student representative for my grade which was different for me but was a good difference because it taught me many different values like responsibility, independence and leadership

This is going to be my second year at the harbor. I really enjoyed last year, working with kids at 
many different sites but it’s a bummer we can’t this year because of corona and safety procedure, so this year is going to be a very different year but I am excited to see how it turns out. My site is Carson Beach and I have been there before and it’s a very
joyful place with a lot of good spirits.

Catch y'all later, 

Che Hanks

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