Saturday, July 11, 2020

Trashy to Flashy: How a Clean Harbor Saves More than Just Animals

Geneinno Poseidon Sea Drones
Let's dive into week one at Fort Point Channel!! Last year, Save the Harbor was involved in a cleanup of the channel, and it was great to be back. My team and I got to use sea drones, something new to Save the Harbor, and dive deep below the surface to check out the algae and fish that live down there. The drones connected to our phones so that we can control them, and we got an amazing view from it. These Geneinno Poseidon Sea Drones are a great learning tool that help us see the beauty of the harbor, and even the things we still need to work on, like recycling our trash. When not disposed properly, trash can be swept into the harbor, endangering the life there. Being able to see all of these fish in their natural habitat allows for us to appreciate them and strive to keep their home clean. On Tuesday we came in contact with two men who were cleaning up the channel as well, just like we have! It is people like them who help the wildlife flourish in the sea. The Fort Point Channel has not always been that clean, but recently it has been developed to have public areas, cleaner waters, and even hotels and restaurants.
All Aboard the Roseway!
 Similarly, Spectacle Island has gotten cleaner over the years, due to the care of the people and of course the sewage treatment plan. In the early 1900s, Spectacle Island was leading toxins straight into the water, making it dangerous to swim in. Spectacle Island became home to one of the highest piles of trash, which remained there for years. This island was home to death and disease. Many remember when Spectacle Island was a heaping pile of trash---literally, but let's talk about the complete 360 that spectacle Island has made. Now, spectacle Island is home to day tours and fun times. Not only can you swim there safely, but you can go on beach walks, hikes, play sports, eat, or even sunbathe. 

Spider Crabs for the win
Having a clean harbor, believe it or not, saves people too. From being able to avoid disease to enjoying some entertainment, having clean water all around us has become a luxury. Being one boat ride away, Spectacle Island is home to refreshing water and beautiful sea glass.

SEA you next time,
Aleena Mangham

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