Friday, July 10, 2020

My time at Malibu Beach


    Malibu beach is a small quiet peaceful beach I have learned a lot bout this beach like,Malibu Beach is a marsh. A marsh is where there is grass and other tall plants (such as herbs and shrubs) soak up the water and take it as nutrients. There are different parts of the marsh so when it’s high tide the grass can get the water and this helps with erosion because the grass takes the water and soakes it up so the water doesn’t get to high and doesn’t floods the land, and the grass can bring nutrients to the water they can also support the animals that live in the water and most of the grass grows in a waterlogged were there is to much water or it’s over flowing and the grass and other plants help slows the water flow. The soil that has been waterlogged for a long period of time has become depleted in oxygen. Also, the darker part of the sand is also nutritional because animals die in the water and they decompose can become nutritious that is why it looks gross but it helps the beach, the dead animals are organic and become nutrients.  It was very hard to walk on some parts of the beach but it was still fun we found hermit crabs and a green crab and we got to explore a lot too, we also got to fly a drone. I got to help clean the beach by picking up trash, i think kids will benefit from this beach by learning its past and how it transformed into a beach from a marsh and the life that lives there. Also what makes this site unique is that it use to be a marsh and i think that is very cool and how far it came from.

See you on the ocean!

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